BOOYAH! 10/10 baby! Now we just need to bring Knight Rider to follow after the A-Team!

I don’t count wrong answers.

7 out of 10….Bad…(lol)

9 out of 10. ?????

RIP Jack Ging aka General Bull Fulbright.

10/10. Too easy.

Well we all be perfect ☺️??

8/10! Forgot that B.A had a Hulk Hogan hat ?

A-Team fan

8/10. Very good and funny show.

Should have had 10! The answer to number 9 is wrong! The uniform pictured is an Officer’s uniform, not everyone on the A Team was an Officer! BA was a First Sergeant and therefore a Non-Commissioned Officer!!!

I put Hannibal but it said I got it wrong so thanks for clearing that up!

I was 10 out of 10. The A-Team is one of my favorite shows.

Hello everyone. I wonder how many GMC Vans they (The A-Team) went through in the run of the series? You know it had to be more than one, the way they got shot up with bullet holes in back and side doors in almost every episode. They wouldn’t just repair & or replace the doors and interior & be on their way.

In those action/dramas, similar to Mannix, there’s always a primary and backup. The second is for touching up defects. In Mannix’ case they used to have a Vehicle Coordinator. But I see this season, it’s a credit to Chrysler at the end above Paramount which is a huge promo gratuity. For awhile, Mannix was crash and burning about a car a week. Gets to the point of where they repeat footage, when the crash is obscure enough, and the scenery is not too distinctive.

? It was probably one guy’s job alone, to peruse the junk yards just to be able to run some cars off a cliff!

Around 8 vans were used. Not every scene was a GMC, it may look that way, but other scrappers were used. Im sure GMC got some good promotion out of it.

Re: ” they used to have a Vehicle Coordinator ” and ” It was probably one guy’s job alone “
OMG if that’s true, I can only imagine how busy that persons job was for
” The Blues Brothers (1980) ” I’m sure the vehicle count is conservative. LOL

”You got 6 out of 10” ——-These outfits do look out of place on The A-Team, just like that score looks out of place for you! Try again with another quiz! I got 3, 7, 8, and 9 wrong.

7/10 Not bad, but I should have gotten #9 right. I guessed Hannibal Smith, and those are indeed his medals, or “fruit salad”.

8/10! Missed 4 & 9! But really wasn’t Hannibal the only one who could legitimately wear 9? After all, he WAS the only General…LOL! For the others, it would be stolen valor!

WRONG! Hannibal was a Colonel, NOT a General!

That’s one for the history books General Hannibal….LOL!

6/10 – not bad for not watching the show that much lol

8/10, and guessed.


8 out of 10. Missed 7 and 9. #9 I went more for who it looked like.

By Amalia