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Atelier boutique salon making big move to Linden Square, then Truly’s will expand

Atelier owner Meghan Andrade, who whose Grove Street boutique salon has thrived since opening three years ago, had started to look around for a second location in another community. But after speaking with retail neighbor, Truly’s Steve Marcus, who expressed interest in expanding his ice cream and frozen yogurt shop into Atelier’s space, Andrade started thinking about going bigger too, rather than opening a second salon.

Atelier on Grove Street


Now Andrade is ready to start construction for a bigger shop in Linden Square in the former 2,000-plus sq. ft. Marcus space next to Sweetgreen. The plan is for Atelier to open there in May, and then Truly’s will undertake its expansion into the existing Atelier space.

Truly’s had made no secret of wanting more space to serve its customers and expand its business.

“Truly’s has made a long-term commitment within the Grove Street area of Wellesley Square,” Marcus wrote to us.”The purchase of the two retail condos next to the existing ice cream shop does figure in both short and long term expansion plans. The actual layouts are still being worked out but we’ll re-launch a more spacious Truly’s customer experience sometime later in 2022.  Stay tuned!”



In the end, Andrade is happy to concentrate her business in Wellesley, too. While Atelier won’t have the continued benefit of directing people to find the salon “next to Truly’s,” referring patrons to the space next to Sweetgreen should be a clear landmark, too.

Andrade, who spent 12 years at Grettacole before launching her own business, touts her talented group of stylists for the success of Atelier. She also credits behind-the-scenes support, such as her accounting and payroll firms. 

Atelier’s customers have also paved the way for Andrade’s business to flourish, in that “I have a wealth of knowledge in our chairs every day… accomplished women who have gone out of their way to help me on everything from how to file taxes to how to potty train kids.”

While Wellesley is teeming with salons, Atelier has distinguished itself by focusing on hair rather than nails, skin care, etc. Andrade also expects the new salon will stand out for its architecture and design, which is in the hands of the same award-winning team that worked on the current shop.

More movement at Belclare retail complex

Meanwhile, around the corner in a long vacated Washington Street section of the Belclare retail complex, word is that a dental office will be moving into space previously occupied by La Mia Moda and others.

CPK closing

The California Pizza Kitchen in Linden Square closes on Tuesday, much to the chagrin of those who found it to be a family friendly option in town, plus a good supporter of local causes.

cpk wellesley ma
Time has run out on CPK


Tatte Bakery & Cafe, an eatery that many have clamored to have open a site in Wellesley, is moving in once the space is redesigned.

Keeping Wellesley retailers honest

The Wellesley Weights & Measures Department, headed by Jack Walsh,  “’keeps the playing field level’ for both merchants and customers and acts as a consumer protection agency in the community,” according to the town’s newly released annual report. The department annually must inspect all weighing and measuring devices as well as price scanners in town, including everything from pharmacy balances to gas pumps, and that added up to 333 of them in 2020. 

The Department issued 11 civil citations in 2020 for violations such as price scanning and signage errors, pricing errors. The total noncriminal fine amount was $5,700.

Wellesley Square restaurants getting ready

While it remains to be seen exactly when Wellesley Square’s new Central Street restaurants, Laughing Monk Cafe and Lockheart, will open their doors, stuff’s happening.

Construction is underway at the old B.Good spot next to the fire station where Lockheart will be serving up tacos and more. Laughing Monk, which will offer sushi and more, is teasing us with fish art in its storefront.

inside lockheart construction
Lockheart under construction


Laughing Monk Cafe window art
Laughing Monk keeps things artsy before its arrival

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