There is a dress in Celeste Malvar-Stewart’s new selection that she calls “Runway.” Built of hand-felted alpaca wool layered on silk gauze, linked by a approach called nuno felting, the bodice of the dress attributes diagonal pathways slashed into the cloth, suggesting airstrips. When it is finished, the designer says, it will include things like embroidered dots along these runways, suggesting landing lights.

To Malvar-Stewart, runways are a persuasive graphic but also a metaphor. She initial touched down in the U.S. at age 3 from her native Philippines and has invested hundreds of hrs hunting down on the Ohio landscape from the cockpit of a Piper four-seater with her partner at the controls. “It’s really tricky, if you are not a pilot, to identify a tiny airport with a small runway,” she suggests. “It built me think about how tough it is for us to understand our have destinations in our lives in which we will need to land, wherever we experience grounded. Or wherever we want to take off from, often, proper?”

By Amalia