The world these days runs on data. The accumulation of it, the understanding of it, and the application of it. The companies on this list are established leaders or recognized early stage businesses that are taking AI to the next level so businesses can better understand the playing field through data in order to yield strong outcomes. None of these companies are in the fashion space, per se, but their technologies have very strong applications in retail, human resources, marketing, finance and investing. 

From analyzing talent to generating business leads, these are some of the AI innovators to consider when driving forward your fashion or design business. 


Hypergiant is a next-generation enterprise AI software company committed to accelerating intelligence transformation. At its core, Hypergiant leverages its AI platform, Hyperdrive, to help companies create lasting AI solutions while at the same time, helping companies to build their own proprietary AI software. While the areas of focus for Hypergiant are large-scale industries such as space and defense, it’s their expertise in infrastructure that makes them well-suited to support production based industries. With Hyperdrive, Hypergiant aims to accelerate machine learning teams to deliver models faster without being locked into any cloud providers.


Talent is the biggest expense any company could have and Visier provides people analytics and workforce planning solutions so that companies are able to better manage that investment. 1 and 3 Fortune 500 companies currently work with Visier to improve important aspects of managing talent such as  employee retention, diversity and inclusion, and engagement. They collect and analyze data through an intuitive self-service people analytics and workforce planning solution by taking all the workforce data, visualizing it and then providing companies with insights that are designed to lead to impactful business outcomes.

H2O AI is where companies go to find AI to help with AI. H2O AI’s mission is simple: to democratize artificial intelligence. But, behind that motivation is the robust H2O AI Hybrid Cloud platform that helps organizations quickly solve complex business problems and also discover new ideas. Part of what defines H2O AI is how they leverage machine learning to help companies themselves discover innate progress and insights delivered through AI solutions, putting the power of AI in the hands of the business. H2O AI has several direct applications to fashion which include supply chain automation, pricing optimization, product recommendations, assortment optimization, predictive maintenance, and transportation optimization. The team behind H2O AI is includes the top 20 Kaggle Grandmasters, a community of best-in-the-world machine learning practitioners and data scientists.


Infuse is all about data-driven conversions. Whether it is creating a proprietary demand generation engine powered by AI or leveraging data for effective B2B marketing strategy, INFUSEmedia’s CEO, Alexander Kesler’s, proven technology system has delivered quality B2B leads to both big brands and SMEs globally. Through their proven approach, INFUSEmedia has become the top company for B2B demand generation and successfully targeting the right audiences at the right time, with precision. Kesler is recognized as a top 10 USA B2B marketing influencer and winner of multiple awards, including Inc. 5000, Entrepreneur 360, and is a two-time Inc. 500 honoree.


Cloud Coach is helps companies utilize projects to improve repeatable best practices to deliver maximum value through a company-wide approach to project management. The technology allows each department within an organization to have a tailored set of strategies and tactics to allow them to run projects in the ways that are best suited to them. This approach allows companies to cut down the number of tools they use and as a result reduce cost and operational risk. The company leverages the Salesforce platform with best-in-breed security and scalable enterprise infrastructure, which leaves Cloud Coach free to build their world-class project management solutions for their clients.

ForMotiv and SAIGON AI

By this point the world is highly aware of the power of understanding the use of consumer data from digital platforms. Facebook and Instagram, for better or for worse, are leaders in this. Although, that sort of high-level interpretation of user behavior is available to companies through ForMotiv. A rising innovator at providing technology for behavioral analysis and real-time predictive modeling to help its customers with risk detection, ForMotiv is in a growth stage and has seen great success with some of the largest insurance carriers in the world. They have partnered with Saigon A.I. for data science, ML and AI development support to supplement their data science teams and innovate on real-time predictive modeling and related services for finance, marketing, IoT, and educational technology.


For companies that are ready to take their investing and finance to the decentralized finance market (DeFi) which grew from $1.85 billion to $92 billion between June 2020 to September 2020, DeFi Technologies offers convenient investing through traditional brokerage firms, saving investors the hassle of setting up wallets, dealing with the risks of getting hacked, losing private keys or sending funds to the wrong address. Wrapped DeFi protocols in “equity wrappers” offer investors an easy and understandable way to gain pure-play exposure into the space with a publicly traded company through the stock market. DeFi Technologies’ core mission is to expand investor access into industry-leading DeFi Technologies and bridge the gap between traditional capital markets and this emerging space at the heart of financial innovation. DeFi Technologies are the first-of-its-kind company in the space and widely-considered industry pioneers who offer unparalleled access and expertise for clients.


While GrowthPlug operates in the healthcare space, their technology is one that can be applied to the retail space with ease. GrowthPlug is a practice growth and optimization SaaS helping healthcare providers accelerate new patient acquisition, manage online reputation, automate front desk operations and elevate the overall patient experience, all things that can easily be transferred to companies with significant retail operations. Launched in 2017, GrowthPlug currently works across the U.S. and helps their clients leverage AI to optimize their digital presence and the entire customer experience from first point of contact to follow-up. Founded by a husband-wife duo and CEO Sudhir Bhatti, who comes with experience leading products and marketing at companies like VMware, Informatica, and Symantec, GrowthPlug raised a seed investment of $1 million in 2019 from leading venture capital fund Elevate Capital. The company has also won the TIE50 award at TiEcon 2020 in Silicon Valley. 


Founded by Carnegie Mellon alumnus Rohan Malhotra, Roadzen is transforming global insurance for mobility. With a deeply integrated AI stack from labeling to training to neural network design, Roadzen utilizes telematics and computer vision to give insurers personalized underwriting capabilities, embedded distribution options, and real-time claims processing. Roadzen operates globally and has partnered with some of the leading insurers and OEMs such as Axa, Tata Group, and Societe Generale.

VIC.AI utilizes AI to modernize accounting and save companies time and money. Founded in 2017 by founders Alexander Hagerup and Kristoffer Roil, Vic offers companies autonomous invoicing powered by AI that can run invoice processing and approval flows from end to end. Both founders have are strongly tied to the accounting industry and understand the fundamental issues that often hamper accounting departments. Through their innovative invoicing solutions, leveraged AI intelligence provides applied reasoning and strategized data tools to achieve fully autonomous accounting without need for human input or supervision. The company also focuses on applying prescriptive intelligence to optimize financial decision making and RO in real-time. At the core of the company is a drive to provide finance solutions that make finance teams more efficient, accurate and intelligent.

By Amalia