These Birthstone Jewelry Pieces Make The Best Holiday Gifts

When it comes to gift-giving, few things hit the mark better than something that feels totally personalized to the receiver. As far as accessories go, you can’t go wrong with a piece of jewelry that comes with a little something special, such as a birthstone. Yes, that astrological-pride fashion statement from childhood is back like it never left.

There’s no shortage of birthstone options on the market, and nowadays, they’re tailored to a variety of aesthetics, so you’re bound to find a style fitting for everyone on your gift list. You can even opt for gemstone-embellished pieces that may not be explicitly labeled as a “birthstone” piece, but still fit the bill (for example, any citrine stone necklace for a November baby works just the same). There’s even a current boom in multi-stone options, allowing you to add more than one birthstone to a jewelry piece, which makes for a great gift for anyone who wants to keep a piece of their loved ones with them at all times.

If you’re scrambling to get holiday shopping done, rest assured we’ve made things that much easier for you with the 10 birthstone jewelry options ahead.

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By Amalia