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Caring and Maintaining Your Neckties

Most of us remove our neckties the first thing when reaching home and putting it somewhere. Sometimes we accidentally sit on top of the tie. This will add a solid crease that will seem to never come out. And, you think that your necktie is ruined for good.

Avoiding wrinkling your neckties is not as hard as you think. Here are some tips that can help restore a wrinkles necktie.

You need to hang your tie for a long period of time. Your necktie can be brought back to its former looks with a simple pull of gravity. Hang your tie after wearing it so that the fabric fibers can be straightened before storing the tie. You should wear a different necktie each day of the week so your neckties will recover. Never wear neckties on consecutive days since this will give it wrinkles that are difficult to remove.

If after days of hanging the wrinkles are not gone, then another method you can try is rolling the tie firmly with a long piece of fabric. You can roll your necktie within a bath towel. If you stretch your tie like this for a couple of days, the original shape of the tie will be restored. After unrolling the tie, hang it for a while to achieve the desired straightness before storing.

Depending on the fabric, a necktie can be ironed to remove wrinkles. Depending on the fabric, you iron has specific setting for them. The fabric can burn with very high temperatures. A clothing steamer can be used to steam out the wrinkles as the tie is hung. It is also important to be cautious when using a steamer. Do not do both ironing and steaming on a tie.

It is best to use dry cleaning services to have your silk necktie and other fabrics cleaned. Your tie will have more wrinkles, with a ruined shape and damaged colors if you wash it in the laundry.

A wrinkle free and brand new look to your tie can be achieved by storing your ties properly. Some think that the best way to store a tie is by hanging it. Over time, if you hang a silk tie in the closet, it can stretch the fabric. Its shape will be distorted or create waves in the body of the tie. If you want to store your ties properly, then loosely roll them from the narrow end to the wide end, lay it on its side, and put them in a separate drawer with other ties. Do not pressure or crowd your neckties; otherwise, the neckties can warp or wrinkle.

If you want to learn more about proper care for your silk neckties, then go to a website dedicated to neckties where you can find more info. visiting this website will mean learning more information about neckties.