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I have a confession to make; over the holidays, I was slightly behind on my social feed but fear not, I caught up. I just discovered a new jeweler, found out what colors the senior royals wore to the Christmas carols, looked at what my fellow editors were wearing to holiday parties (and what they are buying and have been gifted), new ways of stacking and piling on of necklaces, and discovered all the bracelets and rings influencers and celebrities are wearing. There’s a lot happening, and upon my endless scroll of more royal news, I noticed the one thing they all have in common: personal jewelry. I am not talking about a state tiara (also beyond fabulous but another time and another post) but rather one of the best signet rings.

The king himself, Charles, is famous for this one item he never leaves the house without, his signet ring. Princess Diana was gifted a signet ring with the Prince of Wales feathers from Charles the night before their wedding, and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, wore her signet ring, not the traditional way on the pinkie but on her ring finger on the right hand. So much more than just a ring; historically, it’s embossed with a family crest or coat of arms and used as a stamp to seal documents—the shape of the crest would leave its mark on any soft wax. 

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Today, thank goodness for e-signatures so we don’t have to carry any wax with us, soft or hard! All we have to think about is picking the right signet ring if one’s family did not pass one down to us. Mine is worn on the pinkie of my right hand, along with my wedding ring. Here are 17 of the best signet rings we love, from classic gold to the most fashion and ethically conscious. 

In 2023, one can be traditional and wear it on your non-dominant pinky or like our favorite duchess (sorry, Fergie, you got knocked off the list) on your ring finger. The choice is yours. 

Brent Neale Mushroom signet ring

Tiffany & Co. oval signet ring

Garland Collection classic signet ring

Marrow crescent moon signet ring

Sarah Chloe Lana initial signet ring

David Yurman Petrvs bee signet ring

Alexander McQueen signature signet ring

Ferian Sailboat Wedgwood signet ring

Sydney Evan Bezel Crest signet ring

Retrouvai Fantasy Lion gold ring

Goossens Harumi Lion signet ring

Bottega Veneta gold signet ring

Maison Margiela engraved signet ring

Alighieri Aquarius signet ring

By Amalia