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The Value of NDIS Plan Managers

The National Disability Insurance Agency or NDIA has made it their goal to cover more Australians who are suffering from disabilities. For those who are participants of the process, it is crucial to keep tabs on properly managing their funding.

Being approved by the funding that you have requested from this organization is just the start of a long and overwhelming process of getting that many benefits from them. For you to be able to have access to all supports that you need minus the stress as well as use your allocated funding carefully, funding management becomes the most essential. Helping you achieve your goals, enhancing your life, and getting rid of barriers to participation are the good things that you can expect with proper NDIS plan management. And yet, there will be time commitments and extra administration that you must think about.

In NDIS planning, participants are typically being offered a funding management option that is managed by the agency. This basically means that the NDIA will be the one who will take care of paying the organizations and people that will be providing such services. Despite being an agency-type of management, the service provider that you choose should be part of the list that is approved by the NDIA that will meet with their criteria of pricing. However, there are some factors that do not make this kind of set-up appealing to most participants. For starters, you might not have any registered service providers in your area. Having someone working with you that you like and you are comfortable with and knows your history can also be another reason. And lastly, the service provider that you prefer might no longer be a suitable option because they are above your price guide.

All of these things point to the benefit of going for a plan management option instead. From this kind of option, you can see a mix of agency management and self-management elements where besides having some flexibility and choice, you will still have someone else that will take charge of your paperwork and will file and pay your invoices. For the NDIS plan manager that you hire, the NDIS will be taking charge of the funding. A lot of NDIS participants prefer getting plan management because it works as just like any kind of service you get with some funding from the NDIS. The only different will be that it falls under the category of ‘improved life choices’. Just think of it this way, having to hire NDIS plan managers will just be covered and will not affect your budget in different areas. Unlike most services where you must present a formal funding request from the organization, you need not file any for hiring a plan manager; it is as simply as asking for one.

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