Ricoh Imaging Americas has grow to be the new formal distributor for Kenko branded photography equipment, a model which usually sees its name tied together with Tokina.

Tokina and Kenko merged back in 2011 and whilst the two models the two services the pictures marketplace, they really don’t constantly overlap when it comes to branding. Tokina lenses, for illustration, do not carry the Kenko title although Kenko filters never have the Tokina name.

Additionally, when Tokina lenses are rather obtainable in the United States — Adorama lists almost 300 items that bear the Tokina title — Kenko photograph extras are considerably a lot less popular.

For instance, in 2022 Kenko declared a new set of filters, known as the ZXII, which it claimed were the flattest at any time produced and were capable of removing practically all distortion. Kenko stated that in most instances, filter glass is clipped inside of a metallic body in a way that retains it in area by exerting lasting strain on to the glass through direct contact. The firm says this will cause the glass area to turn into distorted, and that as a outcome graphic high-quality is worsened.

That seems good and though these filters were readily available in Japan, acquiring them in the United States is a whole lot a lot more hard. Outside the house of finding an importer, it was essentially extremely hard.

Ricoh is seeking to adjust that and will bring a extensive selection of Kenko filters and image components to the U.S. market place starting up this month. The ZXII filters are on the list of items it intends to distribute as are a sequence of other filters and adapters. Under is the whole checklist:

  • ZXII UVL41
  • BLACK MIST No.05
  • Professional1D Clever MC UV
  • Professional1D Smart C-PL
  • Professional1D Smart Variable NDX 3-450
  • Professional1D+ Quick Motion PROTECTOR
  • Professional1D+ Instant Action PROTECTOR Set
  • Pro1D+ Immediate Motion UVL41
  • Professional1D+ Prompt Motion UVL41 Set
  • Pro1D+ Quick Motion C-PL
  • Pro1D+ Fast Action C-PL Established
  • Professional1D+ Quick Action ADAPTER
  • Pro1D+ Immediate Action VARIABLE NDX3-450+ C-PL
  • Professional1D+ Immediate Motion VARIABLE NDX3-450+ C-PL Established
  • Pro1D+ Quick Action CONVERSION RING
  • Pro1D+ Immediate Action C-UP LENS No.1
  • Professional1D+ Instant Motion C-UP LENS No.2
  • Pro1D+ Immediate Action C-UP LENS No.3
  • Pro1D+ Instant Action C-UP LENS No.4
  • Fast ACT C-UP No. 1&3 Set
  • PROND100000

Of course Kenko Tokina by now distributes in the United States, so it’s not very clear why the organization did not opt for to increase its line of filters into that equation. Ricoh, however, points out why it decided to get associated.

“Kenko would make high-good quality optical filters, and we see this as an option for Ricoh Imaging to deliver new choices to our customers, when creating Kenko filters available in the U.S.,” Ken Curry, president of the Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation tells PetaPixel.

“As we have noticed this 12 months, there’s a renewed curiosity in digital digicam images among Gen Z and younger generations, and we’re thrilled to offer significant-top quality extras to assistance a new technology discover the art and science of images and produce their kinds.”

Update 10/2: Extra a statement from Ricoh.

By Amalia