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Tips For Safe Phone Dating

The dating scene has changed a lot over time and has thus taken many forms. Phone dating is one of these forms. There are those that are truly seeking partners on these platforms but there are many who are out for other intents as well. After dating for a while via the phone for a while, many have ended up on horrible dates or worse. It is very important to be conscious and alert before taking online chatting to the next level, that is phone dating. So, here are some tips for safe phone dating.

Do not be too quick to give your phone number away but rather use online calls at first. Buy yourself a good quality microphone and headphones. Using online instant messaging services to chat with your dating prospects in real time is the first step. The online market has a ton of these platforms that you can use to chat and it is easy, cheap and safe. If a phone number is required, get a disposal number online and sign up using this number. You will, therefore, have avoided exposing your number to strangers and still get to chat.

The moment you feel comfortable with a person after a lot of online chatting, you can then give out your personal cell phone number. Giving your phone number needs to be a decision you make on your own with no outside pressure should push you to this. Do not give out your home number as this can be easily used to find your home address.

Since you don’t really know this person, it is important to look out for anything that might seem odd. Some of the people on the site might not be legit and it is important to be cautious to avoid getting hurt. If they can only talk at specific times of the night and they speak in hushed tones, you should be very suspicious. If you find that every time you talk on phone, they kind of cut the conversation very fast saying they’ll call later, don’t ignore that.

It is very common to run out of things to talk about when you are talking for the first time and you don’t really know the person. This this is very likely and to avoid spoiling it, you should prepare. You done want to be blank when talking to them for the first time this is why you should take a pen and paper and write down things you will talk about, the jokes you will share and even songs you might want to sing. You can even write down jokes and songs you might want to sing to make your conversation that much interesting. Be as natural as possible and avoids impersonating someone else.

You have absolutely no obligation to talk about anything you are not comfortable with. To avoid it being awkward when you are trying to evade a question, you can write down things you can talk about out instead.

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