Magan Holz, owner of Olive + Birch boutique in Oconto, is expanding her shop to sites in Lakewood and Oconto Falls.

OCONTO – Just a number of months after opening a women’s clothes boutique in Oconto, Magan Holz was by now eyeing a next place in Oconto Falls.

Quickly, while, she will have three Olive + Birch outlets.

The Lakewood web-site – which originally is open up only Saturdays and Sundays – is found between Sweet Memories Sweet Shoppe and Subway in the former Trillium Boutique making at 15351 State 32. A tender opening is planned for Memorial Working day weekend, with a grand opening in June.  

The next location in Oconto Falls, at a site yet to be announced, is scheduled to open up this summer season.

“I’m undoubtedly proud to be part of Oconto, and I search forward to seeing what Oconto Falls and Lakewood have to present and what I can present them,” Holz explained. “The new boutiques will carry the similar design of apparel as Oconto, but all three destinations will have a diverse selection.”

By Amalia