Flagstaff police are searching for suspects involved in a string of burglaries that occurred in late November in the Switzer Mesa neighborhood.

On Sunday, Nov. 27, three separate residents reported that their homes had been broken into and jewelry — but only jewelry — was stolen.

At 10:27 p.m., police arrived first at a home on Locust Drive after the residents had reported hearing strange noises outside their house and told police they found a cactus on their porch that hadn’t previously been there.

According to police reports, a diamond necklace and Tiffany promise ring had been stolen from a jewelry cabinet inside the home, where it appeared a window screen had been broken in order for the burglar to gain entry. Other high-value jewelry items were also inside the home, according to police reports.

Police received another call from a neighbor about a break-in just a few hours later during the same shift. After leaving their home for about three hours that evening, a couple living on Pine Drive had noticed their bedroom was unusually cold and that a balcony door had been opened. The couple called police after realizing that a wedding ring set valued at more than $7,500 and a piece of heirloom jewelry worth several hundred dollars had been stolen from a bathroom counter and drawer.

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According to police reports, investigators believe the suspect or suspects might have climbed onto the balcony using a chair and a plastic shed in the yard.

Also Sunday night, another house of Locust Drive appeared to have been burgled and the police were called. Responding officers discovered that a security door had been pried open, and a resident’s jewelry cabinet rummaged through.

According to police reports, a gold ring with diamonds valued at $10,000, gold topaz earrings, a pearl necklace and several other high-value pieces of jewelry were reported stolen. Officers also noted that a paper-mache egg appeared to have been moved in a child’s bedroom.

Officers on all three calls note in police reports that they took photos of each crime scene, where possible DNA samples were taken and footprints dusted for. All reports indicate officers reached out to local pawn shops with photographs and descriptions of the stolen items for leads.

If the public has information about any of the burglaries in Switzer Mesa, police ask that they be contacted via silent witness at (928) 774-6111) or the Flagstaff Police Department’s nonemergency line.

Sierra Ferguson can be reached at [email protected].

By Amalia