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A Guide to Senior Living Property Management

When we speak of senior living, there is many different kinds that we have. Here are the different categories of senior living.

The first category is the adulty-style senior living complexes where seniors live in apartments, condos, townhouses, etc., and where they are provided amenities like golf courses, exercise rooms, libraries, and others. The seniors living here are still active and able and don’t need assistance to take care of themselves and their needs. These seniors live here for the purpose of socialization, companionships, and convenience.

Another category of senior living are facilties where assistance or supervision is provided in varying degrees. The first group is the independent-living group where full meals are served in a central dining hall, housekeeping, and maintenance services for each apartment, centralized community activities and emergency e-call services are provided. The residents in this kind of facility can go in and out as they wish. The second group is the true assisted-living group which is almost the same as the first but provides a medical staff to supervise the medical aspects of the resident’s needs, and here their freedom to come and go as they wish is restricted.

The last category is the full-time nursing facility.

If you are a manager in the first category of senior housing, then your job is just like any other property manager.

The second category, namely, the independent-living community management will be discussed below. Here, as a manager, you need to make a distinction between those who can live independently and those that require assistance in their later stages. The people who needs this assistance and when they need it have to be distinguished.

Seniors are allowed to go out the main door at night but their problems is that they need a key or an access card to come back in. If they are not able to produce these, then they could not get back in without knowing to go to the main front door lobby and calling for the duty night manager on the house phone. another way to get in is to push their e-call button if they remember to bring it along. Some residents are really old and can hardly remember things. The senior could be in danger in this case. Some facilities have large lakes and open grounds where the residents could easily become disoriented. The manager has to recognize who among the residents need this kind of assistance.

Managing the facility is just the same each day with duties like collecting rents, paying bills, employee matters, marketing and others. Interaction with the seniors is very important for managers. You can easily build relationships and friendships with seniors. If you would take time to listen, these seniors will share their life to your.

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