The jeweler unveiled new additions to the range in Paris during the high jewelry presentations last week. 


While the first assortment, called “Prelude,” comprised nine pieces, “Chapter Two” adds 37 high jewels for a total of 46 pieces in the collection. 


De Beers Metamorphosis High Jewelry Summer Collection


The second chapter continues the seasonal theme, showing groups dedicated to spring, summer, autumn, and winter. 


Each of the seasons includes a butterfly design, representing the collection’s growth, like the insect emerging from its cocoon, De Beers said.


The spring sub-collection was inspired by King Protea flower petals, a plant found in southern Africa, just like De Beers’ diamonds. 


Summer is represented through yellow gold spirals that are reminiscent of ammonite fossils being uncovered on a sandy beach. 


De Beers Metamorphosis High Jewelry Autumn Collection

To represent fall, De Beers utilized Grand Feu enamel—a house first—to depict the colors of autumn leaves. 


Ice and the frozen fragments of icy lakes inspired the “Winter” sub-collection.


Just as in Metamorphosis Chapter One, there are several transformable jewels in the collection’s second installment.


Movement is also at the heart of the designs, with many pieces being articulated or featuring en tremblant settings so they move and dance with the wearer. 


De Beers Metamorphosis High Jewelry Winter Collection

As in previous high jewelry offerings, Metamorphosis Chapter Two incorporates color in varying ways, whether through colored titanium, the aforementioned Grand Feu enamel, by mixing metals like white and rose gold, or by utilizing dramatic colored diamonds.


Several stones from the De Beers “Natural Works of Art” collection make their finished jewelry debut in the house’s new high jewelry. 


They include a 2.78-carat fancy intense pinkish purple cushion-cut diamond, a 7.61-carat fancy vivid yellow cushion-cut diamond and a less colorful, but no less impressive, 8.49-carat pear-shaped white diamond. 


De Beers Metamorphosis High Jewelry Spring Collection


“With ‘Prelude’ we wanted to tell the story of the start of a magical transformation. In ‘Chapter Two,’ we continue this poetic ode to the beauty of nature’s constant evolution and welcome four beautiful butterflies. They are an iconic emblem of De Beers and a symbol of our boundless creativity,” De Beers Jewellers CEO Céline Assimon said.


“I am particularly proud of the daring designs of this chapter: we’ve experimented with bold volumes, graphic motifs and hidden details. Our focus on transformability and versatility reflects the fact that De Beers is a young house; high jewelry is the epitome of art and craftsmanship, but it should also be wearable and fun.”

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By Amalia