Top 5 Luxury Brands You Can Invest in

The philosophy of buying less, choosing wisely, and making it last will last you a long whine in fashion. This definition revolves around prioritizing quality over quantity. Quality, longevity, and craftsmanship are essential, but an item’s ability to withstand the test of time, as well as its rarity, may play a role in its investment value. Considering these, there are BritainReviews you can check on these brands to know the best for you.

Here are some of the best luxury brands to invest in:

1.  Chanel

Chanel is a luxury brand that everyone is familiar with. They’re not only known for their incredible bags, but they also make a decent line of perfumes. The 2.55 Chanel bag was first launched in 1955, and it cost £230.

The Chanel Medium Classic Flap Bag was reintroduced in 1999, but with a new name: The Chanel Medium Classic Flap Bag. The sellers resold this bag for £1150. This bag is now worth more than £5400 in 2020. Between 2010 and 2015, the value of this one bag increased by 71.92 per cent.

Teenagers going on dates won’t mind going all out to get this piece with them; endeavour to go through the list of teenage dating websites in the UK and know more about fashion brands worth your money. If you’re purchasing a piece of clothing, a piece of custom jewellery, or a Chanel bag, their timeless quality is undeniable. This is evident in their resale values.

2.  Rolex

The material used to make a watch can have a significant impact on its success or lack thereof. This is a consideration that many people consider before purchasing a watch. One of the critical reasons why Rolex watches are still so standard today is because of this. Rolex watches are made of the highest quality material, ensuring that they can last a lifetime and look nice for many more.

Rolex watches (that are well-maintained) have been shown to increase in value over time. In reality, the value of some Rolex watches purchased in the 1970s has risen from around £200 to more than £85,000. The Daytona’s Rolex is one of the most common watches on the market in the United Kingdom. It’s not only sophisticated but also trendy.

3.  Yves Saint Laurent

Hedi Slimane was appointed as the creative director of Saint Laurent in 2010. Around the same time, the resale value of this high-end brand skyrocketed. And, in case you didn’t know, the creative director at the time can impact the resale value of a product.

Hedi Slimane improved the brand’s elegance and edginess. He also abbreviated Yves Saint Laurent’s name to Yves. Sales skyrocketed after Slimane took over the label, particularly in the ready-to-wear area. This was due to his ability to create a line of fresh yet well-tailored casual wear that was timeless and fashionable.

4.  Cartier

Cartier is a watchmaking and jewellery company with headquarters in Paris known as a luxury brand worldwide. Cartier creates jewellery and … Read More..

8 Top-Rated Jewels In The World

Many gemstones and iconic pieces of jewelry have notorious backgrounds, whether you plucked them from conquered lands in ancient times, bought as gifts for spouses and lovers by the rich, or resided in the crown jewel collections royals worldwide.

The lore and reputation surrounding many of these jewels’ illustrious (and often scandalous) origins continue to fascinate the world. Reviews from US local jewelry stores online will show you how appreciated these pieces of jewelry are.

Let’s take a deep and exciting look at some of the world’s most popular sparkling stones here.

1.  The Dresden Green Diamond Brooch

The Dresden Green is the world’s largest natural green diamond, weighing 41 carats. The diamond was bought by Friedrich Augustus I of Saxony for 400,000 thalers in the early 18th century, and it is thought to have been mined in the Golconda area of India. That amount was equal to the value at the time. You can check US-Reviews to see people’s feedback.

2.  Peregrina

The La Peregrina Pearl, said to have been discovered off the coast of Panama in the mid-16th century, was given to King Phillip II of Spain (Panama was a country colony at the time). He then turned around and presented Queen Mary of England with the 58.5-carat pearl as a bridal gift. It was hailed as the most symmetrical natural pearl ever found, and Richard Burton purchased it in 1969 for Elizabeth Taylor.

3.  The Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond, perhaps one of the most well-known diamonds globally, has a long and rumored cursed past. It is thought to have originated in India and was first owned by King Louis XIV of France in 1668 before being stolen and ending up in the English royal court. The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, now houses the 45.52-carat blue diamond.

4.  Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a stunning gemstone to behold. Its deep violet hues are distinct from sapphire’s blues, and it exudes a sense of mystery that makes it an excellent choice for making statement jewelry.

Tanzanite is only found in one place, as you may have inferred from its name: the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania. Tanzanite is currently a bargain in the gemstone world, costing $1,200 per carat, although this is expected to change as availability decreases.

5.  Black Opal

The black opal is much darker and enigmatic than its lighter, white, and fiery relative. And it’s getting more expensive. The black opal is also only present in a single area of the world, in this case, New South Wales, Australia.

The world’s most extensive and most expensive black opal, known as “the Royal One,” weighs in at a whopping 306 carats and is worth just over $3 million. It was found by a miner who kept it concealed for fourteen years in his home before deciding to sell it.

6.  Red Beryl

The price for red beryl is only valid if it is available for purchase. Red beryl, which belongs to the same family … Read More..

Best Fashion Websites for Pregnant Women in the UK

Pregnant women should wear comfortable and flexible clothes that allow them to go on their day to day activities with much ease. One of the critical questions women ask themselves is, where can I get pregnancy clothes to ensure I am comfortable during my trimesters?  You can use online review sites such as to help you select reputable pregnancy fashion brand websites. Look at the reviews and go for the positively reviewed websites. By going for reputable fashion websites, you’ll get pieces that will help you look fabulous and fashionable, offering you your preferred colour palettes and designs. Some fashion websites even advise on flexible styles that you can try out. For newbies shopping for pregnancy could be difficult. This article helps to make the process easier. It compiles some of the best fashion websites and popular stores you can find in the UK. From these stores, you can find unique, trendy and flattering pieces that will help to maintain a personal style throughout your pregnancy

1.  Asos Design.

Asos maternity offers beautiful special occasion maternity pieces ideal for parties and weddings. You can shop for everything cool and comfortable, including basics like jeans, shirts and maternity swimsuits at Asos designs.  You will discover the latest and unique fashion at Asos if you are looking for trendy, classy and modern maternity items while on a budget. Asos is the best place. Asos provides new designs every season with their label and special size collections for tall and petite moms-to-be.

2.  Ripe maternity.

Ripe maternity allows you to maintain your style while still ensuring a comfortable maternity period. Here you’ll find fantastic nursing clothes, including various well-designed dresses for expectant mothers in different categories, including those that can be worn at informal parties and as office wear. Active pregnant women will love the plus size maternity fashions dresses offered at Ripe maternity.

3.  New look.

At New Look, they offer top-notch denim pieces that suit pregnant women. This fashion brand ensures that you will not have to reinvent yourself during pregnancy with shabby pregnancy clothing. Instead, they offer high standard maternity collections, labels and brands that maintain your style even at late pregnancy stages, making you feel fashionable throughout your whole pregnancy period.

4.  Noppies

Noppies is a maternity clothing fashion website with over 15 years of experience in maternity clothing design. You can thus expect quality designs and patterns from this maternity clothing fashion website. Their outfit fits your style, thus offering a confident woman look that’s needed during your pregnancy.

5.  Next

Next maternity collection contains various over and under the bump jeans, gorgeous daywear, swimwear, vests, leggings, tunics and evening dresses at great prices. Next also licensed to trade with other maternity brands like River Island, Frugi and mama licious. This enables Next to offer a wide range of offering for pregnant women to choose from.

6.  Boohoo

If you are the kind that prefers to choose from a variety, then boohoo is the place to … Read More..

Best Fashion Accessories for Men During the Winter

As the winter gets close, so does the cold temperature. The winter causes many people to dress in full-cover apparel to protect their entire bodies. While it may be freezing outside, all the same, winter is no time to look lousy or poorly.

With improved fashion designers out there globally, clothes have modern designs that protect the skin against the harsh weather while remaining stylish. All that’s important is to get yourself the appropriate fashion accessories to go with your overall dressing. No extra piece to your outfit is too small to give you a dashing and smart look.

If you have gotten tired of looking quite ordinary and like every other dresser during the winter, this post has got you covered. This post will highlight some of the best fashion accessories for men during the winter.

Winter Shoes

Your shoes are not just meant to protect against the harsh winter weather, but they are a key part of your outfit. They give a sense of your style, social class, and individuality. Having good quality shoes is as important as your outfit and it helps complement other accessories, so give your style a lift by getting yourself the best winter shoes. You can get winter shoes at online stores like Walk London. One way to be sure is to read Walk London reviews and find out the quality of their shoes and service.


Honestly, there is nothing manly about getting frostbites, so keeping your body parts safe from cold weather will do your skin a great favour. You’ll find it easier to buy pairs of socks online rather than in stores.

These socks often come in different colours, making them a good buy as an accessory fashion piece during the winter. Not all shops will sell the perfect kind of socks, so ensure you check reviews about online shops to find those selling the socks with the level of quality you’re looking for.


Undoubtedly, this is one fashion accessory with a wide range of use to give wearers a dashing look. The scarf is effective winter protection for the neck, keeping the cold temperature away. The job of this accessory piece isn’t specific to one function. It keeps the cold away from the neck and turns your entire outfit into a classy and stylish one.

The best part of using scarves is that they fit into all kinds of outfits. From suits to jackets, coats, and sleeves. The most preferable fabric for a scarf is wool. Others are great buys; however, wool has a nice feel and look.


Gloves act as protection for your hands against the low temperature of the surrounding. Aside from the gloves’ protective feature, some of them give an additional style to the outfit. It might be due to the colour of the gloves, the patterns on them, the material used in its production, or the way the manufacturer designed it.

Most gloves are quite affordable and the price will differ with … Read More..

Most Reliable Sports Brands and How Online Reviews May Help You Identify Them

The sports industry is one of the most functioning and thriving industries in the world. The reason for this is not far-fetched as different sports are played around the globe. As such, the popularity of different sports like football, hockey, basketball, tennis, golf, amongst others, have caused the emergence of different sports brands.

There are numerous sports brands in the United Kingdom. However, the primary question asked by all, and sundry, is the issue of reliability and credibility of these sports brands. Hence, the essence of reading online reviews from reliable and trustworthy online review platforms.

Doing so will help you create a reasonable awareness level enough to ascertain these sports brands’ credibility and reliability. People usually have many things to say and experiences to share about these sports brands’ products and services. There are also different shops or stores whose ultimate goal is to produce and sell other sports gears and equipment made by certain sports brands. One of these shops is uksoccershop.

The good thing about these stores or shops is that their services or products are usually focused on critical brands. For instance, a hockey factory shop provides products and sports equipment peculiar to the hockey sport.

Although there are different sports brands in the United Kingdom and the world, some are set aside for their reliability and credibility. As such, these sports brands are quite popular. Some of them are the following: –

1.  Carlton

This sports brand is one of the popular ones in the UK. The brand is quite popular amidst badminton games as they provide different badminton gears and equipment like rackets and accessories.

2.  Dunlop

The Dunlop brand is famous in the Uk for products and equipment peculiar to the racing sport. Hence, if you are a racer, you may want to invest time and money to pack yourself a Dunlop racket.

3.  Nike

Nike is a famous brand, even outside the sports industry. The brand is renowned for products ranging from trainers, sneakers, females, and males in the United Kingdom and States.

4.  Adidas

Another reliable and popular sports brand in the Uk and across the world is Adidas. This sports brand gained its popularity by producing valuable sportswear and equipment with its distinctive three stripes mark.

5.  Varley

This sports brand is mainly for women in the United Kingdom. The sportswear produced by this sports brand is customized as black leggings and neon floral prints. They are known as high performance and technical sportswear. It is safe to say that the Varley brand has become a lifestyle empire as the wears can become worn outside the sports industry.


This sports brand is famous in the fitness industry for its GEL-Kayano sneakers. These sneakers are popular because they are highly durable and efficient even under heavy usage. They are a must-have for track racers.… Read More..