How to Safely Wear a Necktie

Men usually wore necktie as part of their suits. Men generally looked formal with neckties on. A man looked more manly with neckties. Neckties does not only boost a man’s clothing but also it would help him make a good impression to the people. It is very important that a man should learn to be more selected on putting necktie to a specific suit. A man may look not good if he wears the wrong necktie that does not coordinate with his suit. In the corporate world women can also flaunt with neckties, not only men. Their are tie etiquette that you can use to look good when wearing a tie for work or even in events.

Before buying a necktie, you should touch and feel the material of the tie. You should consider the material of the tie not only the color before going to the cashier. Ties made out of silk are preferable because of it’s quality. Wool is next to silk although it’s less formal but it can still be worn with pride. Silk and wool are more preferably perfect than cotton ties because this cotton ties are prone to wrinkling which would cause more mess. Choosing the perfect necktie color is also according to your liking. However, there are things that you will take into consideration to pick the right color. You can seek the experts on ways on how to properly contrast and complement you tie with your suit. Your tie should complement the shirt you are wearing. This is best when light colored shirt can go with darker ties, and dark shirts fits best with light ties, and vice versa. You can still pick your favorite color but always remember that they should be in different shade for them to compliment each other. But you should consider also printed neckties, plaid shirt or checked, always put in mind to only chose one color that is dominant among others to match the tie. Patterned neckties are never easy to match with. Keep in mind that either the tie or the shirt under should have the solid color for them to compliment each other.

Studies claimed that bacteria can stick to ties and can spread easily especially those in the medical fields. And because of this, you won’t be able to see doctors doing round wearing neckties.

Wearing over tight neckties will lead you to having high blood pressure. Glaucoma can be get by tying neckties too tightly because this create an increase in pressure in the blood. Avoid also to wear neckties when operating rotating machines because this might be caught in the machine and can kill you.

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By Fahri