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Why You Should Go with Flat Rate Real Estate Brokers

As you probably know, selling your home traditionally means paying a broker a commission as your home sale closes. Such arrangement though can bring a costly result for you, but flat rate listings certainly have advantages over the common commission fee scheme.

Quick Sale

Flat rate agents make their cash by selling more properties faster. An agent working on commission may try to avert a fast sale, promising that a better price will come. However, there’s no guaranteeing that. Clearly, you want to get the best sale possible. Note that accepting or declining an offer is always completely up to you.

A flat rate real estate company will help you sell your home fast and at a favorable market value that will boost your profit. A flat rate listing agent allows your to sell your house quickly for a price that maximizes your earnings. Flat rate listing agents offer a more consultative approach to house selling. They make sure you are making confident choices and are aware of all that’s happening each step of the way.

Accurate Budgeting

Working with a fixed rate realty means you know exactly how much you’re upfront. In other words, you get more control over your budget, instead of relying on the unknown value. If the typical agent sells your property for less than your expectation, their commission can still be high. This may affect your budget by having you pay more than you thought you would at a lower price.


Usually, listing your home with a flat rate broker saves you a lot of cash. After all, who says no to a bigger profit on their sale? Besides, who doesn’t want a higher profit when selling their home? Who’s not interested in a bigger profit on their home sale? Let’s say you’re selling your property for $500,000. If your listing agent’s rate is 3% (which is the standard), that means over $15,000 will be paid to them. (NOTE: The listing agent often receives 3% commission while the seller’s agent gets another 3%.) That’s a huge chunk of your possible profit on the sale! That’s a large glob of your probable profit! That’s a considerable chunk of the profit you can make on the sale! With a flat rate agent, you could only pay a fraction of that figure, meaning you get a higher profit as we said earlier.

Overall Fairness

Finally, if you come to think of it, why should a certain home’s sale be percentage-based anyway? Lastly, if you really come to think of it, why should a particular home’s sale depend on a percentage fee anyway? Finally, come to think of it, why on earth must the sale of a certain property rely on a percentage cost anyway? Regardless of the value of the house, any seller should get the same level of service as the other. You will feel safe with a flat rate realty because you will be paying a set fee, no matter what. You will get the same level of attention and service as all the other customers of the realty. It makes no relevance whether the property is a two-bedroom house or a mansion. If the property you’re selling is more expensive than the other seller’s, does it mean you should get better service? Your fee is fixed and you know it, that’s it.

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