In both her wardrobe and her jewelry assortment, actress Brianne Howey subscribes to a minimalistic tactic, which she describes as “less is a lot more.” It’s about excellent over quantity—a capsule-like assortment of items that blend and match with one particular yet another. The flexibility of her most-worn jewelry (square hoops and an emerald necklace) is a testomony to that ethos, even though just about every items’ special flair champions her reverence for particular type. Those two coexisting strategies align with the founding concepts of RS Pure (the manufacturer powering Howey’s aforementioned staples), with whom the design-minded actress has partnered for their Reliable100 Plan. In carrying out so, she and RS Pure celebrate authenticity as it pertains to private expression across each and every personality in the method. Howey discusses all of that and far more below—think: collecting, stacking, and even developing.

Brianna Howey for RS Pure

Pics: Courtesy of RS Pure

Brianna Howey for RS Pure

I will commence with the at any time-tough query, I know it really is so tricky to set this into words and phrases, but if you experienced to describe your individual fashion, how would you do so?

“I would explain my particular style as ‘less is much more.’ That is a thing I’ve normally subscribed to. I like acquiring a few timeless capsule pieces that I can blend and match in an easy but thoughtful way. For me, it truly is usually top quality more than amount. I assume when it will come to jewelry, it truly is definitely the very same.”

Why did you come to a decision to partner with RS Pure?

“I decided to partner with RS Pure, mainly because they are a brand name that I can relate to, with their goods and with their ethos. Their jewelry meshes not only with my day-to-day model, but also with my life style. It just felt like a really natural pairing. I enjoy good, minimal jewelry—I suggest, who doesn’t? But when I was able to dress in their products, it stood out, due to the fact of the top quality, the craftsmanship, and definitely the benefit at this rate point. And I also appreciate that I can shower, do the job out, and go out in all of their parts. You can actually stay in them.”

Favourite piece of RS Pure jewelry, what would it be?

“I would say my favored pieces are the
Sq. Hoop earrings. It’s a common hoop earring that anyone loves, but updated with this rounded sq. element that I, shockingly, haven’t viewed just before. They are easy, but definitely special. It was the very first item that I picked out.”

Brianna Howey for RS Pure

Pics: Courtesy of RS Pure

It is really really hard to reinvent the wheel with day-to-day jewelry.

“It’s so correct. There are sq. earrings out there, but in the hoop variety, they have a rougher edge. They are modern-day, but retro. I adore them. I use them every day.”

Tell me about your day to day jewelry rotation. How do the parts you gravitate to on a normal basis assess to the pieces that you like to indulge in when you happen to be on the red carpet?

“For just about every working day, I like building up to a appear and layering, so then I can mix and match, depending on what the working day phone calls for. And then, on the red carpet, I truly feel like I am unquestionably extra collaborative with hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Often the second phone calls for bolder parts that can inform their individual tale. Or, the moment calls for a uncomplicated piece that does not distract.”

Do you have a beloved piece you have ever worn on the crimson carpet?

“I don’t know that I do actually. When it arrives to the crimson carpet, I sense like I nevertheless decide for that ‘less is more’ method. I really don’t want to distract too, too a lot.”

Brianna Howey for RS Pure

Photograph: Courtesy of RS Pure

Understandable. What factors of the Authentic 100 program resonated with you?

“The Reliable 100 program resonated with me simply because it can be a possibility to rejoice the point that type implies some thing unique to everybody, and everyone brings something entirely distinct to the table. It is really the ideal possibility to categorical on your own and symbolize by yourself in a new and meaningful way. It is gals celebrating each other and encouraging our individual individualism by means of our fashion.”

What does authenticity suggest to you in the realm of fashion? How has that evolved during your journey into the public eye?

“For me, authenticity has usually translated to convenience, and emotion fantastic in your pores and skin. I believe fashion definitely influences that. When we’re at ease in our very own design and style, then we have this flexibility and assurance to be our truest greatest selves, which allows us to lean into our possess authenticity even much more. And I feel we all gravitate toward reliable men and women. That is anything that we all crave. I feel it is the very same for acting the more reliable we are in our get the job done, the more people resonate with it. The far more personal you get, the additional universal it results in being.”

How would you explain your individual jewellery assortment?

“I would say it can be a illustration of many milestones, presents, my spouse and children, my vacation. Most pieces in my jewellery assortment have some quite vital meaning to me, which I love because it’s like putting on a memory.”

Brianna Howey for RS Pure

Shots: Courtesy of RS Pure

What are the pieces that you put on each one day?

I put on the RS Pure emerald necklace each individual day. I sleep in it. I have a handful of piercings, so I use a pair of seriously dainty earrings from my sister. I really like the square hoops from RS Pure. I also don my emerald bracelet from RS Pure each and every day. And then, of course, my marriage ceremony band and my engagement ring for additional particular occasions.”

So you’re an emerald enthusiast?

“Yes. I adore an emerald. It really is my birthstone. I have always gravitated toward emeralds. Also, when I first started off acquiring familiar with RS Pure, they had this full
Verde Selection that seriously spoke to me. And it was a person of the other many causes I felt like this was a pretty purely natural suit, simply because they have an full collection of emerald parts.”

Are there any other colours you ever have on, or do you genuinely stick to the eco-friendly?

“Right now, we’re absolutely having our green moment. I have a pair of genuinely stunning, seriously dainty ruby earrings. I imply, to say the minimum, I never know who does not appreciate gemstones, they are so gorgeous. I am going to take them all.”

Brianna Howey for RS Pure

Picture: Courtesy of RS Pure

What is your most worn piece of jewellery, and your oldest piece of jewelry?

“My most worn piece of jewelry is probably my wedding band because I bought to style it. I never grew up having these ideas of what form of a marriage band I would want, but then instantly when I was getting married, I had the prospect to design some thing. I fell in appreciate with the total method, and I understood how meaningful it could be. So I put on that every single working day, all the time. And then the oldest is this herringbone-like bracelet from my grandma that she still left me when she passed.”

What can we hope to see from the Genuine 100 system?

“It’s going to get location more than the future six months. You happen to be heading to get to see 100 gals, from all about the planet, expressing on their own authentically by their jewelry. Everybody’s heading to have a piece of jewellery that genuinely speaks to them, and that will be showcased on the web-site. That way we can all acquire inspiration from each other’s tips. It can be type of a eyesight board of jewellery styling inspo, if you will.”

By Amalia