Pregnant women should wear comfortable and flexible clothes that allow them to go on their day to day activities with much ease. One of the critical questions women ask themselves is, where can I get pregnancy clothes to ensure I am comfortable during my trimesters?  You can use online review sites such as to help you select reputable pregnancy fashion brand websites. Look at the reviews and go for the positively reviewed websites. By going for reputable fashion websites, you’ll get pieces that will help you look fabulous and fashionable, offering you your preferred colour palettes and designs. Some fashion websites even advise on flexible styles that you can try out. For newbies shopping for pregnancy could be difficult. This article helps to make the process easier. It compiles some of the best fashion websites and popular stores you can find in the UK. From these stores, you can find unique, trendy and flattering pieces that will help to maintain a personal style throughout your pregnancy

1.  Asos Design.

Asos maternity offers beautiful special occasion maternity pieces ideal for parties and weddings. You can shop for everything cool and comfortable, including basics like jeans, shirts and maternity swimsuits at Asos designs.  You will discover the latest and unique fashion at Asos if you are looking for trendy, classy and modern maternity items while on a budget. Asos is the best place. Asos provides new designs every season with their label and special size collections for tall and petite moms-to-be.

2.  Ripe maternity.

Ripe maternity allows you to maintain your style while still ensuring a comfortable maternity period. Here you’ll find fantastic nursing clothes, including various well-designed dresses for expectant mothers in different categories, including those that can be worn at informal parties and as office wear. Active pregnant women will love the plus size maternity fashions dresses offered at Ripe maternity.

3.  New look.

At New Look, they offer top-notch denim pieces that suit pregnant women. This fashion brand ensures that you will not have to reinvent yourself during pregnancy with shabby pregnancy clothing. Instead, they offer high standard maternity collections, labels and brands that maintain your style even at late pregnancy stages, making you feel fashionable throughout your whole pregnancy period.

4.  Noppies

Noppies is a maternity clothing fashion website with over 15 years of experience in maternity clothing design. You can thus expect quality designs and patterns from this maternity clothing fashion website. Their outfit fits your style, thus offering a confident woman look that’s needed during your pregnancy.

5.  Next

Next maternity collection contains various over and under the bump jeans, gorgeous daywear, swimwear, vests, leggings, tunics and evening dresses at great prices. Next also licensed to trade with other maternity brands like River Island, Frugi and mama licious. This enables Next to offer a wide range of offering for pregnant women to choose from.

6.  Boohoo

If you are the kind that prefers to choose from a variety, then boohoo is the place to shop. It operates 24/7, thus allowing you to shop anytime. You will get a maternity fashion that will suit any stage of your pregnancy.

7.  Marks and Spencer

This is your one-stop-shop for pre and postnatal basics. Marks and Spencer offers a wide range of maternity clothes. They are driven by sustainable practices in the fashion industry and use eco-friendly materials like recycled nylons, organic cotton and recycled polyesters.

  • Topshop
    At Topshop, you can get important basics in a maternity wardrobe such as lingerie, jeans, and dresses to quirky and cool pieces such as print swimwear, dungarees, and smock. Mum-to-be will find lots of comfortable outfits at Topshop.

9.  Esprit

Women who don’t like their pregnancy exposed should shop at Esprit. Most Esprit pregnancy outfits are long, and thus they do not expose the pregnancy. Their pregnancy dresses have elastic button and holes, and you can choose from a variety of great colours, cool breastfeeding tops and natural tones.

10.     Tiffany Rose

This maternity fashion brand has received various awards and is known for the quality of its maternity dresses. The fabric of the dresses has a perfect weight that offers a stylish shape during pregnancy. Celebrities have often endorsed the collections by Tiffany Rose. Visit their site and browse through their collection and choose the one that will suit you

In conclusion, it can be hard to select where to buy maternity fashion, especially if it’s your first pregnancy. However, this article has made the process easy. It has provided some trendy fashion websites that you can shop your pregnancy clothing while in the UK.

By Amalia