From Bordeaux and Burgundy Wines to Older Vintages as Well as Precious Liqueurs and Whisky All Accessible 365 Days a Year

Geneva – October 19, 2021 – Long known for its important “Wine O’Clock” online monthly sales, from mid-October 2021 Baghera/wines is extending its offer to a wider audience by launching its brand-new E-boutique. An extension of Baghera/wines’ physical boutique in Geneva, the E-boutique will welcome the company’s customers online, 365 days a year. Accessible to Internet users from all over the world, the online boutique will offer a range of products, from skilfully selected “ready-to-drink” wines to almost unobtainable vintages, as well as a selection of whiskies of all kinds. Liqueurs, Chartreuses and other vintage Portos also fill the shelves of this amazing e-shop.

A “Boutique” selection based on Baghera/wines’ know-how

In order to maintain the quality of the wine selection offered at its auctions, Baghera/wines was already offering a monthly online auction concept called “Wine O’Clock”. Within this framework, once a month, the company offers wine lovers the opportunity to meet online for a few days and experience the thrill of online auctions, often by theme or collection. All the wines offered in the E-Boutique are treated in the same way as the wines selected for the physical auctions, with the process including precise inspections, meticulous storage and quality photographs allowing customers to judge the condition of the bottles objectively.

Baghera/wines launched the Baghera/wines E-boutique in October 2021 with the aim of keeping in touch with its customers and meeting their growing needs. Open online 365 days a year, it allows each customer to buy what they need to complete their collection or simply plan an evening out with friends, at any time of the day or night. The bottles purchased are then sent by secure delivery in line with the customer’s wishes.

A wide choice at the right price

The E-boutique offers a very wide and eclectic range of wines, all of which have one thing in common: they are ready to drink! Be it finely selected wines: Château Latour, Domaine Armand Rousseau and Domaine Henri Bonneau or old vintages that are almost impossible to find, they are offered at a market price that is considered to be very fair and accessible – as for example, this selection of Tokaji from the beginning of the century, unique in Europe. All these wines are without exception chosen and selected for their irreproachable quality and their undeniable provenance. But the selection also starts with a great choice of bottles for less than CHF 50.

Conditions of purchase and delivery

  • Shipment worldwide according to transport estimates upon request
  • Fast, secure payment
  • Shipment within Switzerland in a few days

“We have always tried to keep in touch with our customers outside of auction periods. Offering them an irreproachable quality selection through a monthly online sale was no longer enough however. We needed to respond to a more regular, more precise demand. But above all, we had to respond to globalization, and a demand that today goes beyond the borders of Europe. We decided to create the E-Boutique for all these reasons and we already know it will allow us to remain in daily contact with our customers. Our wish, our common thread, is to bring together around the love of wine, all those who wish to share this passion”, say Michael Ganne and Julie Carpentier, founders of Baghera/wines.

“Our role in the E-boutique is identical to the one we play in the physical Boutique, namely to offer wines of impeccable quality, selected by our teams of specialists, at the fairest price on the market. But it is also an opportunity for us to accompany our customers outside of opening hours or days, in order to offer them the best selection on the market, at any time, from home, without any constraint other than that of having the choice. A great Bordeaux, an unobtainable or extremely rare vintage, a Meursault, a Château Latour or La Romanée – anything is possible,” add Arthur Leclerc, COO of Baghera/wines, and Gary Bovagne, head of the E-boutique.


Baghera/Wines Launches Its E-Boutique

By Amalia